Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)

Hosmat Hospital

For the last six decades Central Government Health Scheme is providing comprehensive medical care to the Central Government employees and pensioners enrolled under the scheme. In fact CGHS caters to the healthcare needs of eligible beneficiaries covering all four pillars of democratic set up in India namely Legislature, Judiciary, Executive and Press. CGHS is the model Health care facility provider for Central Government employees & Pensioners and is unique of its kind due to the large volume of beneficiary base, and open ended generous approach of providing health care.

  • All Central Govt. Servants paid from Civil Estimates (other than those employed in Railway Services and those employed under Delhi Administration except members of (Delhi Police Force).
  • Pensioners drawing pension from Civil Estimates and their family members – (Pensioner residing in non- CGHS areas also may obtain CGHS Card from nearest CGHS covered City)
  • Hon'ble Members of Parliament
  • Hon'ble Judges of Supreme Court of India
  • Ex- Members of Parliament
  • Employees & Pensioners of Autonomous Bodies covered under CGHS (Delhi)
  • Ex- Governors and Ex-Vice Presidents
  • Former Prime Ministers
  • Former Judges of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and Hon'ble High Courts
  • Freedom Fighters

Govt. CMO (Chief Medical Officer) In-charge of the dispensary gives professional and personal advice to the patients regarding specific treatment or surgical procedure or pathological tests required by him or her based on individual case-study. The requisite permission is granted by the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) In-charge to the government employees to undergo such tests at one of the recognized Hospitals or Diagnostic centre under the purview of Central Government Health Scheme. In case of retired government employees viz. pensioner CGHS beneficiaries, ex-Members of Parliament, Freedom Fighters, ex-Governors, retired Supreme Court and High Court judges etc. the permission to avail medical benefits provided under this CGHS is granted by Chief Medical Officer In-charge of that concerned dispensary. In case of Honorable Members of Parliament, the requisite permission is granted by and by Rajya Sabha Secretariat. In case of Serving Govt. employees, the requisite permission to avail medical facilities is given by HOD (Head of the Department), as the case may be. In case of serving employees and pensioners of Autonomous bodies covered under CGHS, the requisite permission for availing healthcare benefits under CGHS scheme is acceded by the respective HOD (Head of the Department) of such Autonomous institutions.