Undesrtanding osteoporosis and bone health connection


Osteoporosis is a silent, health concern where many either are unaware of the severity of the problem or many may ignore the significance of the medical issue till it causes a debilitating conditions needing emergency medical attention. This condition is characterised by weakening of the bones, which leads to fractures and breaks.

In this blog we shall deal with what is the impact of aging on the bone, its relation and how we can ensure that the bone health be kept at the it’s best.

For that, let’s first understand what is osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a medical condition where in the bone density starts to get reduced over the period of time, many people ignore its condition because in the initial conditions there will be virtually no symptoms of a person having osteoporosis. While the provenance of this medical condition is both in males and females its more often see in females than in males, especially in women who are of post-menopausal age.

Many factors contribute to this medical condition like

Life style – Poor nutrition, lack of exposure to sunlight, Smoking, Alcohol, lack of physical activity, sedentary life style etc. that increases the age of the bone in comparison with that of the actual age of the person.

Hormonal changes

While if women the decline of Oestrogens play a significant role in osteoporosis in men decrease in testosterone levels affect bone density.

Family history

This factor further adds to the risk of complications in osteoporosis

Low body weight

People who are having a lower body weight as per their age and height seem to be more susceptible for osteoporosis


As the age of the person increases so is the the risk factor of osteoporosis


Certain class of medications like corticosteroids weaken the bone over prolonged use

Preventive measure

Adequate nutrition

Have food with rich in Vit – D, Calcium, to maintain good bone health

Weight Bearing Exercises

Quit Smoking

Smoking has a concoction of deadly chemicals and this not only effects bone health but also it destroys everything in the human body

Regular exercises and being physically active prevents osteoporosis

Regular health checks

like BMD, Vit-D etc will not only keep your health but will assist in showing early signs of any medical issues that can treated before it’s too late.


Osteoporosis often goes completely unnoticed until gets phased out to severe condition. By understanding the connection between age and bone condition one may take proactive steps to prevent future complications.