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HOSMAT is an abbreviation for Hospital for Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Arthroplasty and Trauma. It is one of India’s largest and best-equipped hospitals for Orthopedics and sub-specialities, Accident-Trauma, Neuro & spine, Plastic & reconstructive surgery. The Hospital has a specialised Joint Replacement and Spine centre.

The Hospital was the Brainchild of Dr Thomas A Chandy, the healthcare pioneer, in starting a speciality Hospital in India, specialising in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Arthritis, Accident –Trauma and Neuro Sciences. The Hospital was inaugurated 25 years ago after Dr Chandy returned from the United States after a successful stint there of 17 years.


HOSMAT Accident -Trauma centre has the infrastructure to handle patients with serious injuries which are life-threatening and could result in serious disability or death. Our centre is well equipped to provide multispecialty treatment to victims of vehicle accidents, railway accidents, Industrial injuries, falls and assaults & Sports injuries and other leading causes of traumatic injuries with the best possible chance for survival and recovery. The results at HOSMAT Trauma Centre are excellent as the patients are attended to immediately by senior qualified Consultants who are available in the hospital 24/7 so that the patient is always attended to during the GOLDEN hour, which is crucial for better outcomes. HOSMAT Trauma Centre is open 24 x7. The Trauma team comprises a highly skilled surgical team comprising of Trauma surgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, both adult and pediatric, Neuro and Spine surgeons, and Plastic and General Surgeons. The surgical team is backed by experienced Anaesthetists, Cardiologists, neurologists, Physicians and Intensivists (with a 24-bed ICU & 12 OTs). Services of a Senior Orthopedic surgeon and an Anesthesiologist are available 24 x 7.


Over 32,000 joint replacement surgeries have been done at HOSMAT in 30 years. HOSMAT Joint Replacement Center is headed by Dr Thomas Chandy, with two more Arthroplasty surgeons to get the best results. The surgeon and the staff should be adequately trained and experienced. At HOSMAT, there are two separate Joint Replacement Operation Theatres. The operation theatres are well equipped with central air conditioning, and laminar air flow, special HEPA filters that can filter 0.2 – 0.3 microns. The infection rate is one of the lowest in India for surgeries. The traffic is restricted. A good Anesthesia department, ICU, good Physiotherapy department, Lab and blood bank are there in HOSMAT.


Arthroscopy is an endoscopic surgical procedure in which a pencil-sized instrument, called an Arthroscope, is inserted into a joint without any open cut or incision. Arthroscopy is one of the most common Orthopaedic procedures, which is performed, under epidural Anaesthesia, with the patient awake and the inside of the joint examined for damaged tissue. The benefits of arthroscopy are faster healing, quicker recovery and smaller incision and faster return to work and normal activity. Arthroscopy of the Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Ankle joints is commonly done at HOSMAT.


HOSMAT is the First hospital to have a KT 1000 Arthrometer in India, Since 1993. This instrument helps in the diagnosis of ACL Tear in the Clinic and to measure the laxity of the knee. At HOSMAT, on average 25, 000 ACL & Arthroscopic surgeries have been done. Dr Thomas A Chandy – Chief of the Arthroscopy Surgery department, has done more than 18,000 successful Arthroscopic ACL Reconstructions.

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