Dental & Cranio Maxillofacial

The HOSMAT Dental Clinic was created to offer dental care, where skilled professionals restore teeth’s function and appearance. Techniques in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, helping you to obtain a dynamic smile you have always wanted. Trauma-related tooth loss can be restored, yielding aesthetically pleasing outcomes by building new tooth structures and replacing missing teeth with dental implants or fixed partial dentures. Our clinic, which is conveniently located in Bangalore, seeks to provide several dental specialisations, including pedodontics, implantology, prosthodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and cosmetic and restorative dentistry, all at a reasonable price. Your new permanent tooth or teeth will have a sturdy base thanks to dental implants. Using the most advanced dental procedures and technology, we provide all the services a patient can require under one roof. In order to make your dental appointments painless and enjoyable, our welcoming staff welcomes patients of all ages. We are committed to providing the best professional care possible by working with skilled professionals in all medical specialities while advancing science and technology. The combination of skilled personnel and cutting-edge technology ensures that you will have the healthy teeth and radiant smile of your dreams. We provide all services, including digital X-rays, an implant centre, a diagnostic lab, inpatient services, individualised nursing care, on-site doctors, and friendly service. For consumers from abroad, we also provide a wide variety of cheap dental services. We now provide a fascinating chance for dental travellers to combine your dental procedure.

Cranio Maxillofacial

The head, neck, face, jaws, and other hard and soft tissues of the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) area are all treated in cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. A recognised surgical speciality on a global scale. HOSMAT Hospitals offers treatment of syndromic conditions affecting the face, such as Crouzon Syndrome, Apert’s Syndrome, Treacher Collins Syndrome, Pierre Robin Syndrome, Hemifacial Microsomia, and many others, as well as rare facial clefts and craniosynostosis (early fusion of skull sutures). The multidisciplinary Craniofacial team is made up of speech therapists, geneticists, paediatric neurologists, orthodontists, and craniofacial surgeons. The majority of kids with craniofacial deformities can be identified at a very young age, and treatment outcomes are higher if initiated early. It is carried out to fix, recreate, and restore anomalies brought about by birth, other illnesses, or injuries. The diagnosis and method of surgery can vary depending on the origin of the malformations or injuries. Most often, a paediatrician or obstetrician will diagnose craniofacial anomalies in children after birth. Chromosome analysis is used to diagnose some genetic diseases prior to birth. Down syndrome and Treacher Collins syndrome are two of these congenital disorders. For the most effective and appropriate care, a cranio-maxillofacial surgeon frequently collaborates closely with other neurosurgeons and ophthalmologists.