What is a total hip replacement

The pain in your hip does not go away after trying medication, injectable therapy, or physical therapy. While the socket in the pelvic bone and the ball at the top of the femur make up the hip, which we perceive as a very large joint, the joint itself is really smaller than the knee joint (the femoral head at the top of the upper leg bone).

Let’s discuss what hip replacement surgery comprises, some of the most common hip operations, and the best places in Bangalore to receive top-notch orthopaedic care and arthritis treatment.

What Is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip arthroplasty, sometimes referred to as hip replacement, is a procedure for reconstructing a broken hip joint using biocompatible prosthetic materials. In order to decide which implants to utilise and which surgical method to prescribe to you for your condition, the doctor must first evaluate the hip.

This procedure is probably going to help those whose hips have tumours, necrosis, or arthritis. You may require hip replacement surgery if non-invasive procedures including joint injections, therapy, walking aids, and drugs are unable to relieve your hip pain.

Major Types of Hip Replacement Surgery

Depending on the injured areas that require prosthetic materials, there are many forms of hip arthroscopy. Your orthopaedic surgeon will take into account your health, age, and lifestyle when deciding which hip replacement procedure is ideal for you:

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The most popular hip replacement procedure is total hip arthroscopy. Your orthopaedic surgeon will perform this treatment to replace the ball and socket in the hip joint.

Partial Hip Replacement Surgery

Your orthopaedic surgeon will do partial hip arthroscopy to only remove and repair the damaged tissues and other worn-out parts of the hip joint.

Revision Hip Surgery

When an earlier arthroscopy fails and the hip discomfort or disability persists, a revision hip surgery is typically the next step. After a partial hip replacement, an orthopaedic surgeon can occasionally need to do a whole hip replacement to entirely address the problem.

Approaches in Hip Replacement Surgery

The various techniques used by your orthopaedic surgeon to perform the procedure and open the hip joint are known as hip replacement approaches. There are three typical methods for gaining access to the hip joint from various angles:

  • An anterior approach, which accesses the hip joint from the front.
  • A lateral approach, which accesses the hip joint from the side.
  • A posterior approach, which accesses the hip joint from the back. This is the most popular approach in hip replacement surgery.

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