You might have sciatica if your pain starts in your lower back, radiates to one side, travels down one buttock, and then travels down the back of your leg. The longest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve, can become compressed, resulting in sciatica. A direct traumatic injury (such as one sustained in a car […]

Different people define ageing differently, but older persons today are more active and have higher expectations for their lives than ever before. Many men and women entering mature age have travel, hiking, motorcycling, and other things on their bucket list. A healthy spine is essential for preserving a high quality of life, vitality, and enthusiasm […]

Meniscal Tears Meniscal tears are a common knee injury, especially in athletes who frequently twist and spin while playing or lifting weights with one or both knees bent. Additionally, as we age, the meniscus weakens and is more vulnerable to ripping. The meniscus itself is a rubbery, flexible C-shaped disc that cushions the knee. On […]

Fracture or Break A shoulder fracture or break happens when one of the shoulder bones—the humerus, clavicle, or scapula—begins to crack. This could result from repetitive actions, or it might be the result of an accident like a fall. You can observe bruising or swelling in the area if you have a fracture or break. […]

Children are far more physically active than the average adult and have lots of energy. They play with their buddies, run, jump, and participate in sports at school. Sometimes a broken bone results from this physically demanding lifestyle. Children are nonetheless susceptible to harm if an impact is significant even though their bones are more […]

Fractures, often known as shattered bones, are among the most frequent injuries suffered by kids. Any bone in the body is susceptible to fractures, which are categorised differently based on how severe the break is. The elbow is one of the most often fractured bones in children. Children with elbow fractures require medical attention from […]