Different people define ageing differently, but older persons today are more active and have higher expectations for their lives than ever before. Many men and women entering mature age have travel, hiking, motorcycling, and other things on their bucket list. A healthy spine is essential for preserving a high quality of life, vitality, and enthusiasm […]

Meniscal Tears Meniscal tears are a common knee injury, especially in athletes who frequently twist and spin while playing or lifting weights with one or both knees bent. Additionally, as we age, the meniscus weakens and is more vulnerable to ripping. The meniscus itself is a rubbery, flexible C-shaped disc that cushions the knee. On […]

When non-operative measures have failed to significantly improve symptoms or have significantly disrupted daily activities, spine surgery is frequently suggested as a last resort. If you’ve been thinking about having spine surgery, you probably have some concerns about how long it might take you to resume your regular activities and what the healing process will […]

Orthopaedic doctors and back discomfort go together like bread and butter. Orthopaedic doctors comprehend the intricate nature of the spine and the surrounding tissue thanks to their extensive and demanding training. To control pain and treat back disorders and injuries, they provide a wide range of therapy choices. But you might think that experiencing back […]